About Us

Company overview

6th & 9th Ltd is a dynamic real estate development, financing, and property advisory company at the forefront of redefining Nigeria’s real estate and hospitality sector. With a passion for innovation and a commitment to excellence, we bring unique designs and concepts that breathe new life into the industry.

At 6th & 9th Ltd, we believe in collaboration and working closely with our clients to design custom solutions for any situation. Whether it’s a residential development, commercial project, or hospitality venture, our team of experts combines creativity and expertise to create exceptional spaces.

Our unwavering attention to detail sets us apart. We meticulously craft each project, striving for excellence in every aspect. From architectural design to interior finishes, we ensure that our developments are aesthetically pleasing, functional, and sustainable.

Our Vision

To become a prominent Real Estate company.

Our Mission

Our mission is to modernize and progress the experience of the Real Estate value chain by cultivating the spirit of collaboration and innovation.

Our Values

Competence, Innovation, Creativity, Quality, Honesty, Respect and Trust, Agility, Courage, Leadership and Fun.

We Follow Best Practices

We adhere to industry best practices, ensuring that our projects are executed with the highest standards of quality, efficiency, and professionalism.

Expert Engineers​

Our team comprises highly skilled engineers who possess a deep understanding of the industry’s best practices. With their extensive knowledge and expertise, we ensure that our projects are executed to the utmost standards of quality and precision, exceeding client expectations at every step.

Duly Certified

We are duly certified, demonstrating our commitment to following best practices and industry standards, giving our clients confidence in our expertise and ensuring that our projects are executed with the highest level of professionalism and quality.

Excellent Delivery

At 6th & 9th Ltd, we prioritize excellent delivery and meticulous finishing, adhering to best practices to ensure that our projects are completed with exceptional quality, attention to detail, and a relentless pursuit of perfection, resulting in spaces that surpass expectations.


Meet Our Awesome team

Our management team consist of seasoned professionals, with diverse but complementary skills in various backgrounds, as well as a depth of experience garnered over the years for effective service delivery.

Our Services

Our extensive range of services covers various aspects of the real estate industry. Whether it’s crafting bespoke residential spaces, creating innovative commercial properties, or transforming existing homes into stunning masterpieces, our team is dedicated to delivering excellence at every stage.

Residential Development
Commercial Development
Home Renovation/Facelift

Committed To Excellent Delivery

We are dedicated to ensuring excellent delivery, going above and beyond to ensure that our clients receive exceptional results on time and with utmost quality.

Sister Companies

We are proud to be associated with a network of esteemed sister companies, each renowned for their excellence in various sectors, collectively creating a comprehensive range of services to cater to diverse client needs.

Elmargyn Global Ltd

Home Automation and ICT

Furnish-it Ltd

Quality furniture and finishing

Harbortent Ltd

Facility Management and Logistics

Edna Tanko


Prompt communication and simplicity are two things I look for in every project, and I can see that in 6th & 9th Ltd.


Yemi Muyiiwa


The staff and construction are of impressive quality. I see a bright future with 6th & 9th Ltd. They have my full endorsement.